Friday, April 25, 2014

Recent news about our musician friends



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Terra Han, who played Kayageum in the Korean cultural festival as well as the Gala concert of KACF recently is busy giving concerts back in Korea. The concert at the prestigious Korean National Modern Art Museum in tribute to the famous modern composer Sukhi Kang also featured the video of Nam June Paik. A related feature article in the Korean newspaper can be found here.


Our dear friend Sumie Kaneko is going to play in Dhaka this Summer again. We recall she was invited there last year, and apparently the organizers of the series there liked her music. And this poster is delightful, perfectly capturing what we know of Sumie. Have a safe trip Sumie!


Jae Hoon Kang, who recently played with Seungho Jang and other Berklee musicians, was admitted to the Julliard School. According to our sources, he will be the first Korean Jazz pianist to be admitted in that program. Congratulations. Maybe he can give us a concert before he leaves Boston?

East River from Jeff McCaffrey on Vimeo.

Finally, Nayoung Baik, performing as the soloist with the Berklee World Strings at American String Teachers Association Conference in Kentucky. Those teachers would have wished they had a pupil like Nayoung...;-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kiwoong's Farewell Gathering

Kiwoong Choi, who has been busy with his school work at Berklee, gigs around town and traveling all across the continent, is heading back to Korea to resume his professional career. While he was staying in Boston, he had participated in many of our concerts, including the series of Jazz concerts as the leader during last Summer. We regret that time flies so fast, and a group of friends gathered last Sunday to bid farewell. Here is a short video thanks to Shinhyuk Park.