Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Ruth the Musical" shaping up to the performance next week

The cast members were caught busy preparing for the performance of Ruth the Musical this Saturday. We had a workshop back in June. This time, the makers of the musical mean serious business with full costumes and around the clock rehearsals. Stay tuned.







Postscript to the Evening of Korean Popular Songs

Boston Korea, the popular newsletter for the Korean community ran a nice review of the event: The full article can be accessed here.

Bostonkorea article

The last video from the event:

Thanks to everybody who helped make this event a success!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scenes and more music from the Evening of Korean Popular Songs

The complete set of full resolution photos are available for download at our zen-folio site. If you would like to download video files to keep, you may do so at our vimeo page.

DSC 9466

DSC 9531

DSC 9553

DSC 9497

A medley of Song Chang Sik's hit songs and a sweet Have Baragi anthem:

DSC 9608


DSC 9633

A classy reworking of classic ballads from the 80's:


DSC 9658

An urbane ballad as an answer to the songs above:

DSC 9713

DSC 9690

Finally, a Bossanova interpretation of a beloved love song:


Monday, October 24, 2011

Music from the Evening of Korean Popular Songs

The evening started with a short video surveying the notable Korean popular songs intertwined with ups and downs of Korean history. Roughly following the historical order, it started with

[Dongbaek Agassi by Shirlee Oh]

followed by an authentic medley of 70-80 songs by Mr. C.W.Park,

[White Butterfly by Chunwoo Park]

Then a surprise interlude with a 2011 hit by the Hwangs,

[Lonely by Dongjoon Hwang & Unsin An]

Moving on to beautiful ballads of the late 80's,

[Lost Umbrella, Mihye Lee (Boram Han, piano)]

and classic San Woolim hits by Mr. Kwang Min Kim, a member of the group "Linus",

[Sanwoolim medley, K. Kim]

The final section included one of the most beloved protest songs,

[Morning Dew, Moyoung Kang backed by the superb band].

Echae Kang, the violinist of the Aires de Argentina featured in the Berklee Magazine


Echae Kang, the violinist of the Aires de Argentina, who gave us an exciting performance of gypsy-tinged tango pieces just a few weeks ago at ECC is featured in the Berklee magazine with an interview. It is great to see a fellow Korean being recognized for her talent. We would like to have many more talented musicians grace our venue in the future! Check out her interview with the magazine here. You can also browse her performances in our archive of the Aires de Argentina evening here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Teaser for the Korean Popular Song Evening

A mashup of video and music that spans the last half century of Korean history. Disasters and political turmoils abound, yet our memory of the past is intertwined with the history of the popular culture which provided the Korean people with channels to vent the frustration, heal the wounds, and stoke the hopes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Evening of Korean Popular Songs [10-22-2011 Saturday 7:30 pm]

This month, Oasis Cafe Music Night, in collaboration with the Deacons of the church and numerous other people, presents something different for our community: an Evening of Korean Popular Songs.

All of us are still in the middle of the long and painful recession, and everybody's been feeling down for some time. While most of us are busy engaged in various tasks both in and out of our church, we thought a fresh air of good old fun will help re-energize everybody.


Korean popular music (aka K-Pop) is gaining popularity in various corners of the world, but many of Korean immigrants here harbor special feelings for more classic popular music from the homeland, the ever popular folk music (so-called "Tong Guitar generation") by singers such as Song Chang Sik, Yang Hee Eun, etc. Even among the contemporary groups which enjoy a hugh global following, one of their distinct marks is the sweet sorrow which permeates through generations of Korean pop music.

We came to know of our community members who had been professional singers. Along with a few of our own, they will present an evening of the authentic Korean Pop music. We will start off with Shirlee Oh, singing the classic Korean song Dong-Baek Agassi, followed by Moyoung Kang and Dongjoon Hwang, younger members of our church, who will cover from the 80s down to 2011! We will also have Mr. Chunwoo Park who will play folk songs from the 70-80 period accompanied by his own guitar solo; Ms Mihye Lee will cover beautiful ballads from the next period (accompanied by Boram Han, a Berklee pianist and composer). Mr Kwang Min Kim, who was one of the original members of the group Linus, will play songs by San Woolim as well as his group's own smash hit, "the Kite".

Part of the performance will be accompanied by a superb band consisting of young Berklee musicians, David Choi on bass, Eun Jin Ahn, piano, Noah Lee on guitar, Yong Kyu Seo on drums. Let us hope our neighbor wouldn't complain too much about the noise, and even come to join the fun!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Videos from Aires de Argentina performance

Scenes from Aires de Argentina performance

The weather was not very cooperative, but the brave audience who drove through the pouring shower were justly rewarded with fabulous music of Tango masters performed by the group Aires de Argentina. The program included well known masterpieces by Piazzolla (Libertango, Oblivion, Fuga y misterio) which showcased the leader I-Yun's recently acquired skills with the Bandoneon. The band's own compositions ("Aires" & "Journey" by I-Yun Chung, keyboard) also stole audience's hearts with the bittersweet melodies and excitement. Many of us are used to virtuoso violists who play classical pieces very well, but the violinist Echae Kang gave a deeply affecting performance which communicated the part-gypsy and part-Argentinian ethos to the audience. In another original piece, "Una Noche" (by Mathias Miquet), vocalist Juana Aqeurreta was joined by the composer Mr. Minquet himself and the piece built momentum toward its rousing end. The evening closed with an encore of the piece "Milonga de mis amores", during which a spontaneous dance broke out among the audience. It was gratifying for all of us involved to see people with a variety of cultural background came together and shared the joy of music, sheltered from the bad weather in our ECC space.

20110929 MG 9979

20110929 MG 9983



I-Yun Chung (keyboard, leader)


Mathias Minquet (guitar)


Echae Kang (violin)



Patrick Simard (drums)


Luis Lascano (bass)


Juana Aqeurreta (voice)


Aires de Argentina




the ECC crew, volunteers and friends.


Almost all of the people who made the evening possible posed for a photo here.


And the audience who showed up despite the bad weather. Thanks!

Stay tuned for the video highlights from the evening coming soon . . . .

videos from the third Oasis cafe