Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sumie Kaneko and Isaku Kageyama on the stage of Carnegie Hall

Congratulations on two of our musician friends, who recently performed on the stage of the Carnegie Hall!


Sumie Kaneko (Shamisen, Koto) and Isaku Kageyama (Taiko) performed in a benefit concert for the relief of Japanese Earthquake victims. For their performance of my favorite "my favorite things" during the Cafe Oasis concert, check this out.


"BIG SUCCESS. We as Flutes of Hope put Carnegie together! It was kind of strange experience- I was very nervous at backstage but once stage door open and saw the audience, all negative feelings were gone. I_have_never_sang_that_freely_before. It was like being cuddled with God of amuse. Carnegie Magic it is. In this project, there is hundreds of people involved. I thank you all, thank my Flutes of Hope Akihito Obama, Nobuko Miyazaki, Isaku Kageyama and Ralph Samuelson, the wonderful audience, and thank to the music. The next performance in Houston in on the way!" (from Sumie's FB posting)


"Fulfilled a dream of playing at Carnegie Hall. Thanks to my friends and family for the support." (from Isaku's FB posting)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Trying to help bring harmony through music

A food for thought, regarding the West-Eastern Divan orchestra led by Daniel Barenboim. As the recent review on New Yorker by Alex Ross of their Carnegie Hall concert points out, there are praises and criticism from all angles (not just Israeli and Palestinians, but also from music critic's and socio-cultural observer's points of view). However, as Barenboim pointed out in an interview elsewhere, "Do you have something better?" rings quite true.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Videos from the recent Gayageum Performance

The evening started with a majestic solo performance on Jang-gu by Mr. Chun Seung Lee.

Chim-hyang-moo by Byungki Hwang, the most famous modern composer of Gayageum music. The performance started with a brief video which set the tone for the evening as it transported the audience from the bustle of city life to the calm and reflective world of Gayageum.

Ms Song treated the audience with a video that shows how our ancestors enjoyed their lives as depicted in paintings and folk art while playing a meditative piece.

Jessica Park joined to stir the atmosphere with her elegant dance to which musicians responded and improvised.


Raising the temperature even further, Ms Song introduced an impromptu collaboration with local musicians, a swinging medley of "Amazing grace", "Song of bird" and "My favorite things":

Videos from Chamber Music Players of Haffner Sinfonietta, last November

The concert started with a romantic rendition of the second movement of Mendelssohn's piano trio in D minor.

Schumann's stirring, and highly romantic Fantasy Pieces for cello and piano:

Movements from Schumann's piano sonata:

Do you love Brahms? A lovely, nocturnal adagio from Brahms' violin sonata:

The second part of the concert consisted mainly of Beethoven's famous 'Ghost' trio:

For an encore, the trio performed Intermezzo from the Opera Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Korean writer at TEDxSeoul talking about Being an Artist

Food for thought for artists and audience members who come to our gatherings... A TEDxSeoul-talk by a famous Korean writer: on being an artist.

Scenes from recent Gayageum recital

20130202 IMG 1848

20130202 IMG 1726

20130202 IMG 1733




20130202 IMG 1746




20130202 IMG 1755


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Videos from recent Oasis Cafe Jazz Holidays

An informative film about Gayageum

With the Oasis cafe this month dedicated to the Gayageum music, we recommend this documentary film about the 12-string instrument and its modern master Byongki Hwang as a good introduction. It also shows how the instrument is made in a very meticulous and nature-friendly manner. (Sorry about the Korean-only narration.)

In case you missed our Japanese friends' fabulous concert last year....

Remember the concert "Musical Pu Pu Platter" that Miho Sato organized for us last year and featured several Japanese musicians performing music from the Baroque period on to My favorite things? They are giving their annual concert in St. Paul's Church (15 St. Paul street, Brookline) this coming Sunday (Feb 10th, 3 pm, 2013). Details of the program can be found here...NewImage