Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scenes from Aires de Argentina performance

The weather was not very cooperative, but the brave audience who drove through the pouring shower were justly rewarded with fabulous music of Tango masters performed by the group Aires de Argentina. The program included well known masterpieces by Piazzolla (Libertango, Oblivion, Fuga y misterio) which showcased the leader I-Yun's recently acquired skills with the Bandoneon. The band's own compositions ("Aires" & "Journey" by I-Yun Chung, keyboard) also stole audience's hearts with the bittersweet melodies and excitement. Many of us are used to virtuoso violists who play classical pieces very well, but the violinist Echae Kang gave a deeply affecting performance which communicated the part-gypsy and part-Argentinian ethos to the audience. In another original piece, "Una Noche" (by Mathias Miquet), vocalist Juana Aqeurreta was joined by the composer Mr. Minquet himself and the piece built momentum toward its rousing end. The evening closed with an encore of the piece "Milonga de mis amores", during which a spontaneous dance broke out among the audience. It was gratifying for all of us involved to see people with a variety of cultural background came together and shared the joy of music, sheltered from the bad weather in our ECC space.

20110929 MG 9979

20110929 MG 9983



I-Yun Chung (keyboard, leader)


Mathias Minquet (guitar)


Echae Kang (violin)



Patrick Simard (drums)


Luis Lascano (bass)


Juana Aqeurreta (voice)


Aires de Argentina




the ECC crew, volunteers and friends.


Almost all of the people who made the evening possible posed for a photo here.


And the audience who showed up despite the bad weather. Thanks!

Stay tuned for the video highlights from the evening coming soon . . . .

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