Liberty in North Korea

SHIFT has happened at Brookline not once but TWICE!
Over the course of two days -- once on Saturday (3rd) another on Sunday (4th), over 80 people came out to SHIFT their view on North Korea from its political regime to its suffering people. The campaign began with a short introduction to the SHIFT, then screening "The People's Crisis" and ending everything with a Q & A session with the amazing LiNK Nomads, Justin, Chi and Sonny.
Photo of the nomad team
All of us signed a manifesto as well to get directly involved with SHIFT campaign even after the event was over. Of course, as the ECC's tradition, we've enjoyed refreshments afterwards and mingled with each other talking of North Korea's Human Rights Issues. We want to thank LiNK Nomads for giving us this wonderful opportunity, the Brookline Community for coming out and supporting this cause, and our Father for being with us every aspect of the way.
Every view of this embedded video helps the organization and its cause. To find more about it, check it out here. (If you've missed the chance to be part of SHIFT, please contact us and we will personally invite you to be part of its mailing list.)
- Somhang Hope K.