Sumie Kaneko to perform in TEDxBeaconSt

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Those who come to our Oasis cafe concerts may remember Sumie Kaneko's performance from last August. She impressed us much with very interesting performances of her own music which felt traditional and modern at the same time.

Apparently, it is not just us who share appreciation of this gifted musician. She (and her pupils?) is performing (Sunday morning, Nov 18) in the upcoming TEDxBeaconStreet event to be held in the Lincoln School this weekend. TEDx is the satellite (regional) spinoff from TED talks, which feature leading thinkers and activists in all facets of our society and culture. Many of you may know how prestigious it is to be invited to participate there. Kudos for Sumie!

Here is the speakers list of the event.

Check here for general information about TEDxBeaconStreet. About TED.