Sumie Kaneko and Isaku Kageyama on the stage of Carnegie Hall

Congratulations on two of our musician friends, who recently performed on the stage of the Carnegie Hall!


Sumie Kaneko (Shamisen, Koto) and Isaku Kageyama (Taiko) performed in a benefit concert for the relief of Japanese Earthquake victims. For their performance of my favorite "my favorite things" during the Cafe Oasis concert, check this out.


"BIG SUCCESS. We as Flutes of Hope put Carnegie together! It was kind of strange experience- I was very nervous at backstage but once stage door open and saw the audience, all negative feelings were gone. I_have_never_sang_that_freely_before. It was like being cuddled with God of amuse. Carnegie Magic it is. In this project, there is hundreds of people involved. I thank you all, thank my Flutes of Hope Akihito Obama, Nobuko Miyazaki, Isaku Kageyama and Ralph Samuelson, the wonderful audience, and thank to the music. The next performance in Houston in on the way!" (from Sumie's FB posting)


"Fulfilled a dream of playing at Carnegie Hall. Thanks to my friends and family for the support." (from Isaku's FB posting)