Videos from the recent Gayageum Performance

The evening started with a majestic solo performance on Jang-gu by Mr. Chun Seung Lee.

Chim-hyang-moo by Byungki Hwang, the most famous modern composer of Gayageum music. The performance started with a brief video which set the tone for the evening as it transported the audience from the bustle of city life to the calm and reflective world of Gayageum.

Ms Song treated the audience with a video that shows how our ancestors enjoyed their lives as depicted in paintings and folk art while playing a meditative piece.

Jessica Park joined to stir the atmosphere with her elegant dance to which musicians responded and improvised.


Raising the temperature even further, Ms Song introduced an impromptu collaboration with local musicians, a swinging medley of "Amazing grace", "Song of bird" and "My favorite things":