Fair pay issue for musicians

Musicians' Union Work Not Play

As a fledgling non-profit organization, we are acutely aware of limited resource and budget for the events that we put on regular basis. Sometimes, the musicians generously "donate" their time and talent, mainly through our friends-network and their generous good will, and sometimes, we do what we can to help support, at least part of, their expense. Out in the commercial world, it is even tougher for musicians starting their career, unless you are a Yo-yo Ma or John Mayer, as there is little pay and stiff competition. If you feel increasingly as if the music seems to appear like free water out of the faucet, think twice. Somebody has to work late into the night to create and refine the music, musicians spend hours and hours practicing to make every performance perfect. For music lovers, it is a paradise these days when high quality music is so easily available everywhere, but let us not forget to pay due respect to music and those who make them. We came upon this web site through a friend's posting and thought it is worth sharing with the ECC audience.