Sunday, November 30, 2014

Di eVano - an Evening of Cuban Music [12.6.2014 Sat 7 PM]

20141122 Dievano 1

We are heading toward the heart of winter in Boston. So, some Cuban music is in order to help warm our body and mind. 
Oasis cafe will present Di eVano this coming Saturday. 
Di eVano was the winner of the 2010 Award for the Best World Music act at the Boston Music Conference BMC. In December 2006, and May 2010 Di eVano headlined at Ryles Jazz Club's "World Wednesdays," a weekly showcase of the best world music in Boston. Di eVano is currently recording their debut EP.  The Group performs pieces ranging in time period, place of origin, and style, from J.S. Bach to Buena Vista Social Club to Emiliano Salvador, Irakere and Chick Corea. 
Bring your relatives and friends if you have them still lingering around you after Thanksgiving!
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cuban music coming soon!

Weather getting cold. Warm and exciting Cuban music coming soon. Stay tuned.

To get you in the mood, here is the trailer to the “acclaimed” documentary film made by the “famous” director Wim Wenders about the “legendary” Buena Vista Social Club, if you had missed it a while back! (Sorry about the 

A short but heart-aching piano piece "Adios Cuba" by Ignacio Cervantes: 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Liberty In North Korea - Presentation [Nov 1, 2014 5 PM]

North Korea is the most oppressive country in the world, but change is happening at the grassroots level. Join us at Education & Community Center, located in the Korean Church of Boston, for Liberty in North Korea's newest presentation! This tour will focus on one of the most significant trends emerging today: the Jangmadang Generation. The presentation will feature North Korean refugees: Joo Yang, Yeonmi Park, and Joseph Kim. Come and learn about the exciting revolution that can happen in our lifetime! We will also be having Korean food catered from BiBim in Allston after the event!

For more information about the organization and its effort, check it out here:

or click on the poster below.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

"Compassion" Campaign

According to the National Center for Charitable Statitstics (NCCS), there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit-organizations in the US. Not all of them are charity/relief groups, but we may guess that a significant proportion of it represents global effort toward helping children in need (About one million of them are listed as public charities.) There are about 317534 congregations (churches) in the US as of 2014. KCB is one of these. 

So, one cannot complain that it is difficult to find a way to help a child. From an individual’s perspective, a good strategy would be to choose carefully and develop a steady, long term relationship with a reliable, capable and transparent organization. This Fall, our friends at the Justice, Peace & Environment Committee (JPEC) of KCB is initiating a campaign with one of these organizations to help children in poverty around the world: The Compassion International


The organization has its origin in its founder’s helping Korean orphans during the Korean war, so if you are overwhelmed by choices among one million charity organizations, here is one that our own history picked for you! Hope you will find some time to browse their web site and find more about their work, and participate. If you are interested in objective appraisal of their work and impact, you can check it out at Charity Navigator

Friday, October 3, 2014

Too Klez for Comfort : upcoming Oasis Cafe concert [10-25-2014]


The Autumn is here! Get ready for a jolly night of klezmer music, Saturday, October 25, 7:00 to 8:30. The band will be Too Klez for Comfort which includes Mike Neufeld, sax, Lisa Geller, bass and vocals, Steve Rauch, clarinet, Isaac Gibbons, drums (not Jay Rauch as shown), Phil Brown, keyboard, John Bassett, cornet, and Tom Rubenoff, trombone. Admission is free.  There will be refreshments.  And there will be dancing! For more information: Tel:  617-277-8097. You may also contact the leader of the group, John Bassett at 617 739 1160 home or at 617 543 7747 cell.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

News from our musician friends Summer - 2014

As part of the Berklee Global Jazz in Panama team, Seungho Jang performed in many concerts in the region, as well as in the Jazz Club of Danilo Perez, one of the most famous jazz pianists of his generation. 

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Upon returning from the tour, Seungho then played with professor Hey Rim Jeon of Berklee in her public radio appearance with WICN.

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Kyumin Shim, who played piano during the Korean Cultural Festival last year as well as in Oasis cafe with Kiwoong Choi, performed as the pianist of the Anthony Fung quintet in the Regattar Bar in Cambridge, one of the most prestigious jazz stages in the Boston area. The group’s first CD is out and available on iTunes for purchase at 


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Echae Kang, the superb violinist who graced one of the oasis cafe concerts two years ago with the Aires de Argentina group, is back in Korea impressing the audience around the lively Hong-Dae and ITaewon areas with various jazz groups.

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Kiwoong Choi, the veteran drummer who became friends with Oasis Cafe audience through his multiple concerts is back in Korea after a month of walking along the Camino de Satiago in Spain. When he is not busy fending off pressure from his parents to get married, he is also playing some music!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scenes and videos from Seungho Jang Quintet

 Videos of the performances will be added to this page soon!

Just the day before the concert, the prominent jazz musician Charlie Haden passed away. Given that he was one of the heroes for the group leader, we asked the musicians whether they could play one of his tunes. Despite such a short notice, they obliged, and here is Silence by Charlie Haden:

Smoking hot blues by Cedar Walton:













News about our musician friends



Last October, we had the Korean Cultural Festival in which the Kayageum player TeRra Han graced the concert along with many musicians familiar to our Oasis cafe audience. We also mounted an interesting juxtaposition of the highly experimental Paintbrush Orchestra and the footages of video art by Nam June Paik. Last May, TeRra had her own spin on Nam June Paik, playing music by the eminent classical composer Sukhi Kang of Korea in the prestigious National Modern Art Museum as well as at the Seoul National University. The concert also featured the German musician Roland Breitenfelt on electronic sound.


Sumie Kaneko, another dear musician friend of ours, spent a busy Summer week as the invited performer for the Dhaka Summer Concert in Bangladesh. 



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seungho Jang Quintet [July-12-Sat 7 PM]

Everybody hanging in through the scorching weather this week? Oasis Cafe welcomes back the Jang Quintet with superb Berklee Jazz musicians led by Seungho Jang. The quintet will try to cool the temperature with some cool jazz.  


The lineup has musicians from Berklee : Cosimo Boni (t), Gregory Groover Jr. (s), Tiago Michelin (d), Jaehun Kang (p) and Seungho Jang (b).