"Compassion" Campaign

According to the National Center for Charitable Statitstics (NCCS), there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit-organizations in the US. Not all of them are charity/relief groups, but we may guess that a significant proportion of it represents global effort toward helping children in need (About one million of them are listed as public charities.) There are about 317534 congregations (churches) in the US as of 2014. KCB is one of these. 

So, one cannot complain that it is difficult to find a way to help a child. From an individual’s perspective, a good strategy would be to choose carefully and develop a steady, long term relationship with a reliable, capable and transparent organization. This Fall, our friends at the Justice, Peace & Environment Committee (JPEC) of KCB is initiating a campaign with one of these organizations to help children in poverty around the world: The Compassion International


The organization has its origin in its founder’s helping Korean orphans during the Korean war, so if you are overwhelmed by choices among one million charity organizations, here is one that our own history picked for you! Hope you will find some time to browse their web site and find more about their work, and participate. If you are interested in objective appraisal of their work and impact, you can check it out at Charity Navigator