Marimba Summer Concert [6.18 Sat 7 PM]

Marimba is something you don’t encounter everyday. It is bulky, and not many people starting on the instrument reach full mastery of it. Yet it is one of the signature instruments that had inspired many modern composers of note including Steve Reich and Philip Glass. A marimbist can make cool and cerebral music suitable for a sweltering summer afternoon as well as bring solace, luminous and spiritual, after a hard day’s work.

Did you know that Boston is the top training ground for marimbists? Our dear friend Christina Cheon just finished at Boston Conservatory earning her master’s degree. As she is about to embark on her career, she and her fellow musician friends will give a recital. 


Here is Christina performing the luminous piece “Sleep” following the reading of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods in a Snowy Evening” in a recent concert. Just one facet of what marimba is all about...