News from our friends - Fall 2016

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Christina Cheon, who introduced many of us to the wonderful music of marimba, and impressed the audience with virtuosity, seriousness of her musical purpose, and mature professionalism, is trying to establish the Southern California Marimba group as a non-profit organization that aims to support artists and educational activities. If you are looking for a good cause to help young musicians work toward good cause, check out their crowdfunding project

Echae Kang, who performed a few years back as the violinist of the Aires de Argentina group, is busy in Korea collaborating with many up and coming artists. Recently, she put out her first solo album “Radical Paradise”.  



Yu Rang Han, who recently played piano in the B2B show, has also made professional debut with the first CD titled “Gift”. You can check out her music in iTunes store:  


And the last but not the least - Kiwoong Choi (drums) and Kyumin Shim (piano) who performed numerous times for Oasis Cafe and other concerts are back in Korea performing and teaching in colleges. Seungho Jang (bass), another Oasis Cafe alumni, will fly to Korea during the Thanksgiving week to join them in the Jazz workshop. 

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