Songs My Mother Taught Me - Featuring two cellos, two piano and a voice [5 - 21 Sunday 5 PM]

It is Spring and the month of Family and Mothers! Boston based musicians Yumi Bae, Hwakyung Jang (cellos), Clera Ryu, GaYoung Bae (pianos) and Yeongeun Kim (soprano) are preparing a program of Dvorak’s famous piece “Songs my mother taught me” arranged for cello, Debussy’s cello sonata and the waltz from Shostakovich’s Five Pieces for Two Cellos. It will also feature two cellos collaborating with Berklee jazz pianist GaYoung Bae on a famous folk melody from Korea, and more including several vocal pieces. Please note that this Oasis Cafe concert will be held on Sunday afternoon (5-21, 5 PM). 

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