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Scenes from the Not So Heavy A Christmas concert

Not so heavy a Christmas [12.17.2016 7:30 PM ECC]

News from our friends - Fall 2016

Oasis Cafe & B2B present "Musically Yours on Broadway" [11.5 Sat 7:30 PM]

Oasis Cafe presents "What is Noise" [10.8 7 PM]

Exhibition: Portrait of Shakespeare's Heroines.

KACF Concert [hju:] in Boston [9-18, 7PM]

Highlights from a recent KACF concert

Oasis cafe is 5 years old!

Marimba Summer Concert [6.18 Sat 7 PM]

Elegy for the Fallen, Light beyond Abyss [4.30.2016 Sat 7PM - St. Paul's Church]

Voice of Harmony Concert [May 14 Sat 7:30 PM]

News from our friends - Spring 2016